This cool care clipper blade spray is designed for instant cooling and hygienic maintenance of hair clippers cutting blades, suitable for professional and home use. The product effectively cools the cutting tool’s working surfaces; easily penetrates the tight fit area of the cutting tool surfaces; removes grease, dirt, the remains of cut hair, and friction products from the tool; does not leave greasy and sticky traces; provides disinfecting and deodorizing effect. The cooling spray is convenient and cost-effective, does not contain water. 

Mixture of propane, butane, isobutane, isopropyl alcohol, cyclo paraffinic hydrocarbon, fragrance, functional additives.

Turn on the hair clippers and spray the product on the blades and between them. Leave the clippers on for another 5 seconds, and remove excess product with a napkin. Repeat if necessary. After using the spray, it’s recommended to use razor blades caring oil. 

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